Don Gleason

Years of experience: 25
Position:  Managing Principal |
Sr. Vice President - Programs & Services

Mr. Gleason co-founded DGCpartners LLC in 2012 to provide business-IT consulting for clients needing help figuring why investments in process and things IT don't happen like they're expected.  He provides the leadership and forward thinking that have got us this far.

DGCpartners Consulting Solutions

About Us

DGCpartners enables you to optimize your output / throughput within the constraints of scope, time, cost, and quality – leading to improved repeatable results and higher customer satisfaction.  DGCpartners provides proven leaders and experts to aid your operations, start-up, improvement programs and projects - Assisting you in establishing your own team's ownership of these processes & services through various levels of advising, training and mentoring.

DGCpartners LLC

Consulting Solutions

Lindsey Chasteen

Years of experience: 6
Position: Business Manager / Client Relations

Before joining DGCpartners LLC, Lindsey worked for a large national for-profit education group as Director of Student Financial Services. She brings a wealth of experience to the business management and client relations team.

DGCpartners opened its doors because our prior clients were pounding on them.  We crafted our firm with a specific job in mind: to continue to provide change management services (including strategic planning, operations / process and IT assessments, and corrective action plans that produce sustainable management practices and generate bottom-line results for our clients.  We work with your team to make the necessary changes using your people and suppliers — deepening trust, building confidence and adapting tools that fit your culture and will be used by your people, in your processes, with your enabling technologies across your organization.

DGCpartners is a management consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of our clients in the full range of the business cycle.  With a core staff of experienced professionals and a team approach to most consulting projects, DGCpartners offers a highly collaborative and more balanced quality service than our competitors.  Each consultant specializes in one or more disciplines - including finance, sales and marketing, contract management, technology, management, project / program management, operations, and human resources.

DGCpartners helps clients focus and collaboratively we deliver the desired results to improve performance

  • DGCpartners is product and technology agnostic. 
  • As a small company, DGCpartners relies on Strategic Alliances (with subject matter experts / technology wizards) to delivery the right solutions to meet client needs.  These alliances are a key component of solution delivery and successful engagements. 
  • DGCpartners has created strategic alliances that draw on the strengths of our community with an array of supports to enhance delivery.  Alliance partners also create a culture of communication with each other to ensure the services they provide meet the needs of our clients.
  • DGCpartners mentor, train, and guide cross-functional / cross-organizational teams as they learn and then adopt best practices.

Delivering Business-IT transformation with independent, innovative, and reliable solutions.

DGCpartners brings experienced project veterans who apply a disciplined, customer-centric project management process.  Characteristics of the members of the DGCpartners team:

  • Experience, with domain knowledge, and support for evolving business & technical processes.
  • Ability to operate in real-time with a propensity and preference for dialogue.
  • Willingness to experiment with a preference for mitigating risks.
  • Facility to create contextual information from multiple sources.
  • Support and collaborate with functional managers (client, internal & external) and peers.

DGCpartners provides client partners and other resources to drive your program / project management office, programs (multiple projects requiring a balanced view & strategic focus), and/or projects (single, tactical focused effort) to produce the needed results.  The DGCpartners client partner is responsible for the successful completion of all aspects of the program, associated projects, and is responsible for managing the client relationship (including strategy (business & IT) & management synchronization, requirements definition, project planning, solution design, integration, completion, risk mitigation, and financial management. 

DGCpartners provides:

  • Drives successful and timely completion
  • Balances constraints of scope, schedule, cost and quality

Definition and Control

  • Creates engagement / program management plan including:
    risk plan, schedule, change, communication, and other subsidiary plans


  • Liaises with all stakeholders
  • Presents program progress reports to designated audience

Program and portfolio management services for implementing company strategy and achieving goals & objectives.  Active dialogue ranging from regular periodic progress/status reporting on high-impact initiatives to a quarterly or semi-annual reporting on the outsourced operation's progress from an assessment / audit perspective.

  • Enlist
  • Enable
  • Empower
  • Enforce

We help our clients integrate and innovate - providing a full suite of services including assessments, advisory, development / deployment / implementation, rationalization, migration / consolidation, independent verification & validation, PMO (start-up and operations), IT service management, relationship management, contract / SLA management, and more.

DGCpartners enable you to optimize output within the constraints of scope, time, cost, and quality – that can lead to improved customer satisfaction. DGCpartners can provide proven leaders and experts for your programs and projects, and assist you in establishing your own PMO. Services can also include various levels of project management training and project manager mentoring.

We strive to help our clients develop a solid foundation in planning & execution to deliver on business-IT strategies so they can be successful.  We work to improve strategic planning, governance, strategy execution, technology investment, productivity, organization, company culture, employee relations, supplier/vendor relations, IT service management and customer engagement.

Gabe Cidri

Years of experience: 25
Position: Operating Principal |
Sr. Vice President - Operations

Mr. Cidri co-founded DGCpartners LLC and has an engineering education and masters in business administration with decades of experience helping both small business and large industries improve business-IT performance.

DGCpartners Service Areas include:

  • Organizational Business - IT Assessment Services
    including help clients define where they're going, and the path to take to get there.  DGCpartners' assessment services provides the necessary information and insight to plan the journey.  Whether it's just beginning to enhance business-IT management practices, or they're well advanced in the journey, we can help to ensure the greatest value possible from the investment.  DGCpartners supports a range of different assessment approaches including COBIT, ITIL, CMMi, ISO, and more - with each assessment tailored to the specific needs and focus of the engagement.
  • Portfolio Management / PMO Services
    including assist clients with the art and science of making decisions about Business-IT investment rationalization, matching IT investments to business objectives, asset allocation, and balancing risk against performance, and subsequent benefit realization.
  • Implementation Preparedness Services
    including project - program - PMO - ePMO - portfolio management, and Independent Verification & Validation - IV&V. Covering the complete life cycle:  strategic planning, business case / financial cost planning, assessments, establishment, governance, training and/or operational oversight), as well as value management / benefits realization)
  • Business-IT Process Improvements
    including investment rationalization, application rationalization, DevOps (traditional & Agile), change management, program management  / PM, Continuous Process Improvement (Lean / Six Sigma), IT Service Management / ITIL
  • Quality Improvement Services
    including Quality Management (Assessment / Management/ Planning / Testing) for Change Management (process,system, services) in the areas of overall operations, as well as Medicaid, Medicare, Medicare Advantage (CMS Five-Star Quality Rating System services with assessments, portfolio/PMO, strategic planning / OCM, member / provider engagement, Lean / Six Sigma, etc.)

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We help your teams successfully execute plans and delivery results - Success!

  • DGCpartners offers a suite of services for businesses to choose from, depending on their particular business needs  - including, business-IT strategy, financial search and procurement, IT consulting services, project management, M&A/IT due diligence, PMO & IT optimization. 
  • DGCpartners’ business and technology management consulting services help our clients realize maximum value from critical & strategic initiatives.
  • Whether you’re introducing new information systems, re-designing operational processes or pursuing a new business strategy, DGCpartners' consultants drive transformation and strengthen business performance.

Delivering Results!

  • Draw on the resources of DGCpartners to assemble an expert team of program management and business-IT process improvement experts, and secure the experience, insight, skills, and innovation to meet your business needs and achieve your business goals
  • Leverage the knowledge and experience of our team of project, technical, analytical, data, and program management professionals to assist you in achieving the full potential of your investments.
  • Our consulting, management and process improvement services help organizations generate the greatest impact in every engagement.
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